Mallet / Instrument repair

Re-Making our old equipment is a requirement of any percussionist.  Save a bundle by re-wraping your old mallets, replacing tambourine heads, and Tuning all drums to fit your needs. 

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Mallet Re-wraping

Marimba / vibraphone mallet re-wraping

Timpani- Cartwheel or Ball Style re-wraping

Before and After

Before and After

Instrument repair/ adjustment/ tuning

Repairs ranging from replacing parts, painting, tuning, and building new pieces.  

Timpani, Snares, Cases and Frames

Broken Tambourine Head becomes NEW!

Broken Tambourine Head becomes NEW!

Accessory Repair

Tambourine Heads, triangle holders, Stick Mounts, Timpani Protective Covers, anything else imaginable