Instrument Collection

KC Percussion Studios is equipped with the largest private collection of Percussion Instruments in Kansas City.  Ranging from 5 octave Marimbas, Vibraphones, and xylophones, Drum sets, Djembes, and all the small toys imaginable, even chromatically tuned Cowbells!  All instruments are available for rental.  Always show up prepared for rehearsal.


4 Marimbas

4 Vibraphones

2 xylophones

2 Glockenspiels

Concert Chimes




Three Full Sets of Timpani, plus some extras for a total of 18 Drums

5 Full Drum sets.

10 Snare Drums

Concert Bass Drums

Latin / African / Irish hand drums


exotic Instruments

Javanese Gamelan 

Chinese Gongs

Chromatically tuned Cow Bells

Hand Crafted Bell Plates

Authentic Quijadas

Conch Shell